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Fundamental Analysis of the Financial Markets
1. Fundamental Analysis

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A Study Guide for Fundamental Analysis (Schwager on Futures)

by Jack D. Schwage, Steven C. Turner

Book Description

Written by a foremost authority and one of the bestselling authors in finance. The most comprehensive book on futures trading, A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets, is now divided into three volumes--this is the first. It provides readers with a synthesis of market analysis as well as practical...

2. Key Economic Indicators

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Handbook of Key Economic Indicators

by R. Mark Rogers

Book Description

This handbook is geared to analysts and traders who need quick access to data relating to key U.S. economic indicators. It considers what indicators mean and how they are calculated, compiled, and reported to enhance informed financial decision making. Employment. . .Inflation. . .Consumer Spending. Each month, financial markets react to these and other important figures. The data, tables, charts, and graphs in this authoritative book explain how each indicator is determined, and how readers can effectively use this information. New sections include employment and labor figures, new GDP measures, and much more.

3. Economic Indicators

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The Atlas of Economic Indicators: Visual Guide to Market Force

by W. Stansbury Carnes

Useful for professional and individual investors, executives or business students--a unique atlas of what makes the markets move. Developed from a popular in-house pamphlet used at Shearson Lehman, this accessible and thoroughly illustrated resource makes understanding economic indicators much simpler. Charts and graphs.

4. Economic indicators and economic policy

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Trading the Fundamentals: The Trader's Guide to Interpreting Economic Indicators and Monetary Policy

by Micahel P. Niemira, Gerald F. Zukowski

Book Description

Economic indicators and economic policy have an incredible impact on the volatile financial markets, yet it is often up to traders and investors to interpret the effects and take decisive action. Trading the Fundamentals explains the significance and market impact of all widely followed economic numbers, including the Consumer Price Index, Employment Report and other well-known indicators. Completely updated and revised to reflect today's highly computerized environment, Trading the Fundamentals provides readers with all the tools they need to analyze economic news and make appropriate investment decisions. New topics include: A new emphasis on data availability through the Internet; More detail on indicators such as layoffs and productivity; A completely overhauled discussion of Federal Reserve policy; A discussion of the phases of the business expansion part of the cycle.

5. Easily Digestible Economics

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Free Lunch: Easily Digestible Economics

by David Smith

Book Description

This is the perfect introduction to economics. It is not some dreary textbook, but an explanation of how economics works and how it can help to solve all sorts of interesting problems. Written for the lay reader, this book makes the economics pages of the newspaper intelligible, the financial pages interesting and answers questions all of us worry about, like how can house prices carry on rising so much? Is there no limit to the increase in their prices? Set out like a good lunch-time conversation, the book follows the course of a meal, with starters (the introduction), main course and then the discussion which one always has at the end of a good meal. And along the way there are a few guest speakers (Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes) who make appearances to enliven the meal and entertain and inform us, the diners.This is a clever, completely original and witty introduction to economics. It costs less than even the cheapest meal and is far more satisfying than even the most gourmet banquet.

6. Fundamental Analysis

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Mastering Fundamental Analysis

by Michael C. Thomsett

Book Description

Mastering Fundamental Analysis performs the valuable service of leading every day investors into better investment decisions while allowing them to learn at their o wn pace through the use of worksheets, forms, graphs and ste p-by-step examples.

7. Fundamental Analysis

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Event Trading: Profiting from Economic Reports and Short-Term Market Inefficiencies

by Ben Warwick

Book Description

As experienced traders can attest, news events often mark the beginning or culmination of major trends. Event trading is a new and exciting technique to trade the financial and commodity markets, and represents a third major approach to trading, distinctly different from the fundamental and technical approaches. Designed to capture profits from market reactions to news events, event trading provides a systematic approach for exploiting a variety of market-moving events, such as economic reports, official interest rate changes, and surprises in corporate earnings reports. By understanding how markets respond to the news, traders can reap huge profits. Event Trading is the first book on the subject and is sure to generate great interest among active traders and investors. Specific topics include: Origins of event trading; Event trading and intermarket analysis; Game theory and the financial markets; Creating an event trading portfolio. Event Trading will include a demonstration disk that show how to implement the strategies and techniques explained in the book. Developed by author Ben Warwick, the software will enable traders to analyze historical market repsonses to economic news and deduce probabilities for upcoming trades. Combined, the software and book will provide traders with everything they need to understand and implement this exciting new trading method.

Strategies, Trends, and Stock

Mastering Microcaps:
Strategies, Trends, and Stock Selection

by Marc Robins, Daniel P. Coker

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