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1. Day and Swing Trading

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Technician's Guide to Day and Swing Trading

by Martin J. Pring

Book Description

A complete handbook for day and swing traders looking to improve their understanding of market dynamics, uncover securities with the highest probability of substantial, near-term price movement, and then select profitable entry and exit points with greater precision than that afforded by fundamental analysis alone. CD-ROM included.

2. Stock Patterns for Day Trading

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Stock Patterns for Day Trading

by Barry Rudd

Book Description

This book deals with a number of basic trading strategies including a scalping method designed to capture rapid small profits, intraday trend or momentum trading to benefit from large price movements and a swing trading method for trading over a two to five day time horizon.

3. The Day Trader's Survival Guide

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The Day Trader's Survival Guide: How to Be Consistently Profitable in Short-Term Markets
Binary Options Strategy

by Christopher A. Farrell

Book Description

Why does a stock like Juniper move 25 points in a single day white Microsoft never does? Why is Rambus a great stock for day traders, whereas Delland Cisco aren't? Why is the NYSE sometimes an easier market to trade in than NASDAQ, and why are executions usually better? And, last but not least, what do the three out of ten day traders who are consistently making money know that the seven who are losing money don't? These are the types of questions The Day Trader's Survival Guide answers. This book will teach you how to beat Wall Street at its own game. An unwary day trader can get steamrolled by large brokerage firms that have the power to move markets on a whim. The Day Trader's Survival Guide outlines the smartest ways to ride in the wake of "big money" and be profitable.

4. Market Wizards

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The New Market Wizards:
Conversations with America's Top Traders

by Jack D. Schwager

Book Description

In this book, the author interviews and explores the thinking, tactics and strategies of some of the world's most successful traders. In so doing, the author gives you an excellent perspective into the minds and attitudes of some very successful traders and how they achieved their success. The book is also very entertaining and written in a non-technical style.

5. Electronic Day Trading

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How To Get Started In Electronic Day Trading

by David S. Nassar

Book Description

The workbook presents an overview of the markets and introductions to electronic direct-access trading (EDAT), indexes and indicators, and technical analysis. Also included are detailed explanations on how to pick tradable stocks (are you a specialist, scalper, or shepherd?); trade the news (earnings, splits, economic announcements); and profit from going short ("trading the bear inside you"). The chapters on market psychology and money and mind management are particularly astute ("The Emotional Bank Account Is Funded by Attitude"), and all are cross-referenced and reinforced in the corresponding audio tapes.

Strategies, Trends, and Stock

Mastering Microcaps:
Strategies, Trends, and Stock Selection

by Marc Robins, Daniel P. Coker

Top 10 Trading Rules

Top 10 Rules are not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. They are a set of guiding principles that will help you learn how to save, invest, prosper and to achieve your financial goals.
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The 20 Simple Day Trading Rules

Trade like a guerilla warrior You must learn to adapt quickly to changes. If the winning side is changing, don't hesitate to join the new party ...
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